Plenty of Benefits of Aboveground Storage Tanks in NJ

The Entech Group, Inc. (Entech) today released their latest company newsletter highlighting new benefits of above ground storage tanks in NJ for facility managers.

above ground storage tanks NJThe 21st Century continues to be an extremely challenging time for facility managers and owners attempting to make prudent purchases of bulk storage systems. Emerging technologies, pending legislation, federal, state and local regulations, insurance costs and a host of other factors make system selection a complicated and critical decision making process.

Above ground storage tanks in NJ are becoming increasingly more popular. As such, many of the strict regulations for ASTs that are currently in place have recently undergone or are undergoing refinement and in some cases, complete overhauls.

Above Ground Storage Tanks in NJ

In addition to revised regulations, above ground storage tanks in NJ now feature an improved design, making installation faster, easier and more affordable than ever. New AST’s are 50% lighter than conventional steel tanks, have wide handles to facilitate transportation, and a removable base which provides access to tight spaces and offer great stability. Because a majority of AST’s are prefabricated and they are easy to install, AST systems typically are found to have the lowest installation cost.

Additionally, the AST systems currently available can be relocated with little service interruption. These systems are available for temporary placement at various sites to fuel stationary or mobile equipment.

These benefits, along with regulations that are undergoing either revision or refinement, make the bulk storage system selection process one that requires a comprehensive assessment of all possibilities in order to ensure health and safety, protection of the environment, regulatory compliance and budget control.

To learn more about the options presented by above ground storage tanks in NJ, call The Entech Group, Inc at 800-571-8661.

NJ Solar Energy and Environmental Projects Highlighted at Major Conference

The Entech Group, Inc. (Entech), a leading provider of solar energy in NJ, announced today that their Vice President, Tom Furey, will be a guest speaker at the 6th annual Mid-Atlantic Buildings & Facilities Management (MABFM) Show & Conference. The event will take place at the Garden State Exhibit and Convention Center in Somerset, NJ.nj solar power

Furey, a Licensed Site Remediation Professional with more than 25 years of experience in the environmental industry, will discuss the benefits of solar energy in NJ. In addition, he’ll also address the Site Remediation Reform Act, which no longer requires businesses to receive NJDEP approval before proceeding with certain environmental projects.

Conferences Addresses Benefits of Solar Energy in NJ

The MABFM will feature more than 250 exhibitors who will display products and services necessary for the operation, management, maintenance and renovation of buildings and facilities in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Running concurrently with the trade show,  a two-day educational conference featuring a series of one-hour sessions covering a wide range of topics pertaining to the benefits of solar energy in NJ and elsewhere. Attendees can expect topics like LEED, Green, Sustainability, Energy, Building Commissioning, Facility Maintenance, Construction & Design and much more to be covered. IFMA-New Jersey produces and monitors the Conference and provides CFM credits for individual sessions.

For more information on NJ solar power and the exhibit, please visit

Residents Cut Electricity Costs with NJ Solar Power Provider

The Entech Group, Inc. (Entech), a leading provider for solutions in NJ solar power, is helping homeowners go green and save more green than ever with the installation of residential solar energy systems. These green solutions help protect consumers from rising utility rates.

nj solar powerMany of Entech’s NJ solar power customers are already seeing that the grass is greener with the help of solar power. One customer recently wrote to Entech sharing he recently paid “a ten dollar electric bill…” He continued, “Entech Rocks. I am sending my final payment today along with the tax form thank you for everything.” This is just an example of the numerous benefits of NJ solar power homeowners can expect.

Just some of the financial benefits of solar power in NJ are that it yields electricity and revenues immediately for 30+ years; offers generous solar energy tax credits and incentives; pays for itself within 5 to 10 years; requires minimal maintenance after installation; hedges against energy price volatility, inflation, and potential carbon legislation costs; and increases in property value, not real estate taxes.

Other Benefits of Residential Solar Power in NJ

In addition to just the financial perks, there are several more benefits of solar power. Solar power helps utilizes a sustainable and renewable energy, provides significant environmental benefits, operates silently and, since it exterminates harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, it is a clean energy.

According to The US Department of Energy, electricity utility costs will more than double in the next five years. Having a residential solar power system in NJ has never been a smarter choice for homeowners. Entech’s solar systems are a proven technology backed by a 5-year system warranty and a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

To learn more about the benefits of NJ solar power, call 1.800.571.8661.


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